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genus Spiraea
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View taxon pagespeciesaemiliana C.K. Schneid.1
View taxon pagespeciesalba Du Roi 
View taxon pagespeciesalbiflora (Miq.) Zabel *  
View taxon pagespeciesalpina Pall.  
View taxon pagespeciesaltaica Pall. * 
View taxon pagespeciesaltaiensis Laxm. * 
View taxon pagespeciesangustiloba Turcz. ex Fisch. & C.A. Mey. *  
View taxon pagespeciesaquilegifolia Pall.1 
View taxon pagespecies× arguta Zabel *  
View taxon pagespeciesaruncus L. * 
View taxon pagespeciesbaldschuanica B. Fedtsch.  
View taxon pagespeciesbeauverdiana C.K. Schneid. 
View taxon pagespeciesbetulifolia Pall.2
View taxon pagespecies× billardii Dippel 
View taxon pagespeciesblumei G. Don *  
View taxon pagespecies× bumalda Burv. *  
View taxon pagespeciescamtschatica Pall. * 
 speciescana Waldst. & Kit. *  
View taxon pagespeciescantoniensis Lourt.  
View taxon pagespeciescapitata Pursh *  
View taxon pagespecieschamaedryfolia L.3
View taxon pagespecies× cinerea Zabel * 
View taxon pagespeciescrenata L.2
 speciesdahurica (Rupr.) Maxim.  
View taxon pagespeciesdecumbens Koch *  
View taxon pagespeciesdenudata J. Presl & C. Presl * 
View taxon pagespeciesdiscolor Pursh *1 
View taxon pagespeciesdouglasii Hook.  
View taxon pagespeciesdumosa Nutt. ex Hook., nom. superfl. *  
View taxon pagespecieselegans Pojark. 
View taxon pagespeciesferganensis Pojark.  
View taxon pagespeciesfilipendula L. * 
View taxon pagespeciesflexuosa Fisch. ex Cambess. 
View taxon pagespeciesgrandiflora Sweet * 
View taxon pagespecieshumilis Pojark. *  
View taxon pagespecieshypericifolia L.2
View taxon pagespeciesincisa Thunb. * 
View taxon pagespeciesjaponica (L.) Desv., nom. illeg. *  
View taxon pagespeciesjaponica L. f. 
View taxon pagespecieskirilowii Regel *  
View taxon pagespecieslaevigata L. * 
View taxon pagespecieslanceolata Comm. ex Poir. *  
View taxon pagespecieslasiocarpa Kar. & Kir.  
View taxon pagespecieslatifolia (Aiton) Borkh.  
View taxon pagespecieslitwinowii Dobrocz.  
View taxon pagespecies× macrothyrsa Dippel * 
View taxon pagespeciesmedia Schmidt3
 species× multiflora Zabel *  
View taxon pagespeciesnipponica Maxim. *  
View taxon pagespeciesobovata Willd. *  
View taxon pagespeciesopulifolia L. *3
View taxon pagespeciespallasii G. Don, nom. illeg., nom. superfl. * 
View taxon pagespeciespalmata Pall. * 
View taxon pagespeciespaniculata St.-Lag. * 
 speciespikoviensis Besser  
View taxon pagespeciespilosa Franch. 
 speciespolonica Blocki *  
View taxon pagespeciesprattii C.K. Schneid. *  
View taxon pagespeciesprunifolia Siebold & Zucc.  
View taxon pagespeciespubescens Turcz., nom. illeg. *  
View taxon pagespeciesrosthornii E. Pritz. *  
View taxon pagespeciessalicifolia L.2
View taxon pagespeciesschinabecki Zabel *  
View taxon pagespeciesschlothauerae Worosch. & Ignatov, orth. var. *  
View taxon pagespeciesschlothgauerae Ignatov & Worosch.  
View taxon pagespeciesschrenkiana Fisch. & C.A. Mey. * 
View taxon pagespeciessericea Turcz.  
View taxon pagespeciessorbifolia L. *3
 speciessozykinii Stepanov et Sonnikova *  
View taxon pagespeciesstevenii (C.K. Schneid.) Rydb. 
View taxon pagespecies× syringaeflora Lem. *  
View taxon pagespeciesthunbergii Sieber ex Blume  
View taxon pagespeciestianschanica Pojark.  
 speciestomentosa L.  
View taxon pagespeciestrichocarpa Nakai *  
View taxon pagespeciestrifoliata L. *  
View taxon pagespeciestrilobata L. 
View taxon pagespeciesturczaninowii Businský *  
View taxon pagespeciesulmaria L. *3
View taxon pagespeciesulmifolia Scop. 
View taxon pagespeciesussuriensis Pojark.  
View taxon pagespecies× vanhouttei (Briot) Carrière 
View taxon pagespecies× vanhouttei (Briot) Zabel * 
View taxon pagespecieswilsonii Duthie ex J.H. Veitch *  
Sign marks taxa included in plant identification guide.
Red asterisk (*) marked taxa not present in the original source.
Blue asterisk (*) marks taxa that have a different status in original source.
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