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About the system of taxa

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Taxa (species, genera, etc.)


  • There are many classification systems for vascular plants, bryophytes and lichens that differ from those adopted on the site.
  • Latin names, taxa status and author lists may contain typos and factual errors.


If you notice an obvious typo in the name of a taxon or in the list of authors, please write to us, indicating the URL (address) of the page with an error.

See also: Responsibility

System of genera, species and subspecies taxa

If you are interested in the current status of any taxon, consult specialized scientific publications or web resources.

The database is periodically replenished with species that, for one reason or another, are absent from the original lists. In addition, individual taxa are periodically revised to bring the system up to date. The names of the added taxa, as well as those whose status has been changed, are indicated in the lists in a special way.

System of families and taxa of higher ranks

Designations adopted in the lists of taxa

  • In italic in the lists of taxa and in the page titles, synonymous Latin names are indicated, as well as all Russian names, except for those accepted on the site as the main ones.
  • The pale font denotes species represented (according to the original source lists) within the USSR only by taxa of a subspecies rank (subspecies, varieties, forms, etc.).
  • Red asterisks (*) mark taxa that are not in the original source lists.
  • Blue asterisk (*) denotes taxa whose status has changed from the original in the original source list.
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