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What can the project participants do?

By registering on the site and as a member of the "Plantarium" project, you will contribute to the creation of the online plant and lichen gallery and plant identification guide of Russia and neighbouring countries.

Project participants can:

  • add original photos of plants and lichens to the pages of species and other taxa;
  • upload your pictures to the "Unidentified plants and lichens" section for identification with the help of other participants;
  • create your own image collections from the photos published on the site;
  • create your own floristic lists using the "Plantarium" database;
  • add geographic points illustrating them with own photos of landscapes and habitats and images of plants and lichens published on the site;
  • add own landscape photos and link photos of plants and lichens to geographic points created by other members;
  • create custom geographic sets by combining any geographic points, administrative and physiographic regions;
  • start new topics and participate in discussions on the project forum;
  • replenish the lists of Russian names of taxa;
  • add links to web resources containing additional information about taxa;
  • indicate the species and subspecies key traits to be used in the key for plant identification;
  • give recommendations on the identification of species and make notes on their particularities;
  • receive email notifications on new materials, updates and changes regarding published images, collections, etc.

Detailed information about the site's features and operating rules can be found in the section "Help and manuals".

What do the project participants get?

After the photos are published, each participant of "Plantarium" automatically will get:

  • personal gallery of plants and lichens photos;
  • list of photographed taxa of plants and lichens (with the possibility of grouping and sorting them in a different ways);
  • personal gallery of photos of landscapes and habitats;
  • image galleries of landscapes and habitats for each of the created geographic points;
  • image galleries of plants and lichens for each of the created geographic points;
  • lists of photographed taxa of plants and lichens for each of the geographic points created.


By registering on the site, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • you will indicate your real name and surname in the registration information; the use of aliases (nicknames) on "Plantarium" is unacceptable;
  • you will not be able to delete the photos you uploaded by yourself (except for the pictures in the "Unidentified plants and lichens" section);

  • any text entered by you regarding the description of a taxon or a photo can be changed by the administration or project participants;
  • any photo uploaded by you can be removed from the site by moderators if it does not meet the site's requirements for content and/or quality.

Please note

Administration reserves the right to delete user accounts

  • registered under an alias (nickname) or replaced their name in the account with an alias;
  • containing links to commercial web resources, as well as advertising texts or images;
  • containing texts or images that are unacceptable in the opinion of the site administration.

The site administration reserves the right to:

  • remove any links to commercial web resources;
  • ban individual participants from the possibility of some operations to add and/or edit published information (including links to web resources).

A project participant can publishes a link to his own website/page only with the permission of the administrator.

To become a participant of "Plantarium", please fill out and send the form.
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If you are already registered on "Plantarium", but forgot your password — do not register again, but receive your password by mail!
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