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What is "taxon"?

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Taxa (species, genera, etc.)


"Taxon is a group of organisms (in particular, plants - ed.), related to one degree or another by a degree of kinship and sufficiently isolated to be able to assign a certain taxonomic category of one rank or another: a species, genus, family, etc." (translated from Biological Encyclopedic Dictionary, 1989).

In other words, the concept of "taxon" is applicable to specific groups of plants, combined at different levels.For examle, taxa are species Campanula latifolia, genus Campanula, familia Campanulaceae etc.

See also: Article "Taxon" in Wikipedia.

Taxonomic rank

Taxonomic rank is designation of the degree of kinship of organisms within a taxon, its category, type.

All taxa in the Plantarium database belong to one of the following ranks:

  • division
  • class
  • ordo
  • familia
  • genus
  • species
  • subspecies
  • variety
  • subvariety
  • form
  • race

Some taxa have specific obsoleted ranks, for example "a.", "beta", "lusus" and even "*".


Strictly speaking, taxonomy is "... a branch of systematics, theory and practice of the classification of organisms." (translated from Biological Encyclopedic Dictionary, 1989).

See also: Article "Taxonomy" in Wikipedia.

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