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What to do if a taxon is not found in the database?

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Taxa (species, genera, etc.)

If the taxon is not found by the Russian name

  • Make sure you don't misspelling.
  • If you were looking for the full name, try searching for its part (for example, "Мятлик од" instead of "Мятлик однолетний").
  • Try to find the taxon by its Latin name (you can find it on the Internet using search services).

The absence of a Russian name in the database is a normal situation. As the collection of photographs grows, we process taxa and add Russian names to the lists.

If the taxon is not found by the Latin name

  • Make sure you don't misspelling.
  • If you were looking for the full name, try searching for its part (for example, "Poa an" instead of "Poa annua").
  • Try to find the taxon in the list of subtaxa of the parent category (for example, if you cannot find the specific name, find the genus and look at the page "List of subtaxa").
  • Try to find synonymous taxon names (for example, on POWO or WFO), and then try to find taxon by those names.

If the taxon could not be found anyway, then it really does not exist in the database (most likely due to its absence in the original list of species).

Can a missing taxon be added to the site's database?

Yes, adding a new taxon is possible.

New taxa are added to the database by the site administrator as soon as photos of plants related to this taxon appear. You can also ask the site administrator to add the missing taxon to the database in advance, before uploading the photo.

All taxa that are absent in the primary source lists and added to the database additionally are marked on the site pages in a special way.

What to do with photos of missing taxa?

If you want to publish a photo of a plant or lichen whose taxon is not in the database, you can upload it to the first parent taxa available on the site. For example, in the absence of a species, the photo can be placed at the genus level, and if there is no genus, at the family level. At the same time, in the form of uploading a photo, you have to select the option "Taxon is absent in database" and indicate the Latin name and author of the species so that the site administrator can add this taxon to the list.

The exception is the pictures of artificially created hybrids, so uploading their photos to the site is undesirable. The reason for this limitation is that "Plantarium" is dedicated primarily to wild plants and does not aim to demonstrate the diversity of garden hybrids (and their number is huge).

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