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What photos are needed for the site, and what not?

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Photos of plants and lichens

The main purpose of the illustrated atlas and identification guide is to help in identifying wild-growing vascular plants, green mosses, liverworts, hornworts and lichens in appearance. This goal defines the basic requirements for uploaded images.

Although "Plantarium" is based on wild plants and lichens, it is possible to upload pictures of species cultivated in the open field as agricultural or decorative species. Indoor and greenhouse plants (even planted in the open ground for the summer, but not able to overwinter in the local climate), as well as non-lichenised mushrooms and algae are outside the sphere of interests of "Plantarium".

What photos are preferred to upload?

New images of plants, mosses, liverworts, hornworts and lichens are needed in the following cases:

  • there are no photos of this taxon on the site;
  • the site does not have a single photo of the species from the geographical region where the picture was taken;
  • the age stage or phenological phase captured in the photo is not represented in the gallery of the taxon;
  • the photo shows a part of a plant/lichen that is important for the visual identification of the species;
  • the picture is just very beautiful and high quality.

Which photos do not need to be uploaded?

It is worth refraining from uploading the image to the site in the following cases:

  • the photo was not taken by you, but by another person;
  • the photographed organism does not belong to vascular plants, green mosses, liverworts, hornworts or lichens;
  • the photo is of low quality and/or technical defects (high noise, blurriness, color distortions, overexposed areas, "shake", etc.);
  • the image is a collage of several photographs;
  • the picture shows a herbarium specimen or a specially dried plant/lichen;
  • the picture shows an indoor or greenhouse plant/lichen (albeit planted in open ground, but not wintering in it);
  • The picture shows a plant / lichen cultivated in a pot or other portable container, which does not live naturally and year-round in the open field at the shooting location;
  • the picture shows an artificial hybrid that does not have a scientific Latin name;
  • the picture shows parts of plants/lichens of different species, and in such a way that it can mislead about the true appearance of the plant/lichen, which is the main subject of this photo;
  • the new image does not add new information about the morphological characteristics of a particular individual;
  • the new image does not add new information about the variation in the appearance of individuals within the same population (a group of individuals growing nearby).

There is no sence in uploading collages to the site. The number of uploaded images is not limited. Due to the small size of the frames, the details on them are much worse than in individual photos. Also the frames do not decorate the main image.

What uploaded photos will be removed?

Photos can be deleted by the administrator or moderators if they meet one or more of the criteria listed above in the list of reasons why photos should not be uploaded to "Plantarium".

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