genus Sterculia
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View taxon pagespeciesabyssinica R. Br. *  
View taxon pagespeciesacerifolia A. Cunn. * 
View taxon pagespeciesafricana (Lour.) Fiori *  
View taxon pagespeciesalata Roxb. *  
View taxon pagespeciesaustralis (Schott & Endl.) Druce *2
View taxon pagespeciesfoetida L. *  
View taxon pagespeciesguttata Roxb. *  
View taxon pagespeciesipomoeaefolia Garcke *  
 speciesmexicana R. Br. *1 
View taxon pagespeciesplatanifolia L. f. *  
View taxon pagespeciesquadrifida R. Br. *  
View taxon pagespeciesquinqueloba (Garcke) K. Schum. *  
View taxon pagespeciestrichosiphon Benth. * 
View taxon pagespeciesurens Roxb. *  
View taxon pagespecieszastrowiana Engl. *  
Sign marks taxa included in plant identification guide.
Red asterisk (*) marked taxa not present in the original source.
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