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View taxon pagespeciesailanthifolia Carriere1 
 speciesalba L., nom. rej. *  
 speciesaustralis Griseb. *  
 speciesbiflorens Tujcziev, Mannan T.  
 speciesbrasiliensis Dode *  
 speciescamirium Lour. *  
View taxon pagespeciescatappa (L.) Lour. *  
View taxon pagespeciescathayensis Dode *1
View taxon pagespeciescinerea L. * 
View taxon pagespeciescoarctata Dode *  
View taxon pagespeciescollapsa Dode * 
View taxon pagespeciescordiformis Maxim. *  
View taxon pagespeciesdraconis Dode * 
 speciesfallax Dode  
View taxon pagespeciesformosana Hayata * 
View taxon pagespeciesfraxinifolia Lam. * 
View taxon pagespeciesglabra Mill. *  
View taxon pagespeciesillinoinensis Wangenh. * 
View taxon pagespecieslavalleei Dode *  
View taxon pagespeciesmandshurica Maxim.2
View taxon pagespeciesmicrocarpa Berland. * 
View taxon pagespeciesnigra L. * 
View taxon pagespeciesoliviformis Michx. * 
View taxon pagespeciesovata Mill. * 
View taxon pagespeciespecan Marshall * 
 speciespistaciformis Tujcziev, Mannan T.  
View taxon pagespeciespterocarpa Michx. * 
 speciesracemiformis Tujcziev, Mannan T.  
View taxon pagespeciesregia L.1
View taxon pagespeciesrupestris Engelm. ex Torr. * 
View taxon pagespeciessachalinensis Komatsu  
View taxon pagespeciessieboldiana Maxim.1 
View taxon pagespeciesstenocarpa Maxim. * 
View taxon pagespeciessubcordiformis Dode *  
View taxon pagespeciestomentosa Poir. *  
Sign marks taxa included in plant identification guide.
Red asterisk (*) marked taxa not present in the original source.
Blue asterisk (*) marks taxa that have a different status in original source.
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