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View taxon pagespeciesacuminata Siebold & Zucc. *  
View taxon pagespeciesalternifolia Siebold *  
 speciesanomala D. Don1 
View taxon pagespeciesarborescens L. *4
View taxon pagespeciesaspera D. Don *5 
View taxon pagespeciesbretschneideri Dippel *3
View taxon pagespeciescinerea Small *2 
View taxon pagespeciesdumicola W.W. Sm. * 
View taxon pagespeciesfebrifuga (Lour.) Y. De Smet & C. Granados *  
View taxon pagespeciesgiraldii Diels * 
View taxon pagespeciesheteromalla D. Don *2
View taxon pagespecieshypoglauca Rehder * 
View taxon pagespeciesinvolucrata Siebold *  
View taxon pagespecieskhasiana Hook. f. & Thomson * 
View taxon pagespecieslongifolia Hayata *  
View taxon pagespeciesmacrocarpa Hand.-Mazz. * 
View taxon pagespeciesmacrophylla (Thunb.) Ser. *3
View taxon pagespeciesmandarinorum Diels * 
View taxon pagespeciespaniculata Siebold 
View taxon pagespeciespeckinensis hort. ex Dippel * 
View taxon pagespeciespetiolaris Siebold & Zucc. 
View taxon pagespeciespubinervis Rehder * 
View taxon pagespeciesquercifolia W. Bartram * 
View taxon pagespeciesradiata Sm. * 
View taxon pagespeciessargentiana Rehder *  
View taxon pagespeciesserrata (Thunb.) Ser. *2 
View taxon pagespeciesstrigosa Rehder *5 
View taxon pagespeciessungpanensis Hand.-Mazz. * 
View taxon pagespeciesvestita Wall. *1
View taxon pagespeciesxanthoneura Diels *2
Sign marks taxa included in plant identification guide.
Red asterisk (*) marked taxa not present in the original source.
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