Brassica oleracea L.
List of subtaxa

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Russian names

Капуста огородная
Капуста белокочанная
Капуста краснокочанная


View taxon pagevar.acephala DC. * 
View taxon pagessp.botrytis (L.) Metzg. *  
View taxon pagevar.botrytis L. *  
View taxon pagevar.bullata DC. * 
View taxon pagessp.capitata (L.) Metzg. * 
View taxon pagevar.capitata L. * 
View taxon pagessp.caulorapa (DC.) Metzg. *  
View taxon pagevar.caulorapa DC. *  
View taxon pagevar.fimbriata Mill. *  
View taxon pagevar.gemmifera DC. *  
View taxon pagevar.gongylodes L. *  
View taxon pagessp.hilarionis (Post) Gladis & K. Hammer *  
View taxon pagevar.italica Plenck *  
View taxon pagesubvar.sabauda (L.) O.E. Schulz *  
View taxon pagevar.sabauda L. *  
View taxon pagevar.sabellica L. *  
View taxon pagevar.viridis L. * 
View taxon pagef.viridis (L.) DC. * 
View taxon pagesubvar.viridis (L.) O.E. Schulz * 
Sign marks taxa included in plant identification guide.
Red asterisk (*) marked taxa not present in the original source.
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