genus Kalanchoe
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Оранжерейные и комнатные растения. Сааков С.Г., 1983.


genus Kalanchoe
genusKalanchoe (absent in original source)
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View taxon pagespeciesacutifolia Haw. *  
View taxon pagespeciesadolphi-engleri Raym.-Hamet *  
View taxon pagespeciesaegyptiaca DC. *  
View taxon pagespeciesafzeliana Britten *  
View taxon pagespeciesalbiflora H.M.L. Forbes *  
View taxon pagespeciesaleuroides Stearn *  
View taxon pagespeciesalternans Pers. *  
 speciesambrensis H. Perrier *  
View taxon pagespeciesangustifolia A. Rich. *  
View taxon pagespeciesantanosiana Drake *  
View taxon pagespeciesbeharensis Drake * 
View taxon pagespeciesblossfeldiana Poelln. *  
View taxon pagespeciesbrachycalyx A. Rich. *  
View taxon pagespeciesbrachycalyx Baker *  
View taxon pagespeciesbrasiliensis Cambess. *  
View taxon pagespeciesbrevicaulis Baker *  
View taxon pagespeciescantonasyana Drake *  
View taxon pagespeciescarnea N.E. Br. *  
View taxon pagespeciesceratophylla Haw. *  
View taxon pagespeciescoccinea Welw. ex Oliv. *  
View taxon pagespeciesdaigremontiana Hamet & H. Perrier *  
View taxon pagespeciesdelagoensis Eckl. & Zeyh., nom. inval. *  
View taxon pagespeciesdiversa N.E. Br. *  
View taxon pagespeciesfarinacea Balf. f. *  
View taxon pagespeciesfedtschenkoi Raym.-Hamet & H. Perrier *1 
View taxon pagespeciesfloribunda Wight & Arn. *  
View taxon pagespeciesgastonis-bonnieri Raym.-Hamet & H. Perrier *  
View taxon pagespeciesgentyi Raym.-Hamet & H. Perrier *  
View taxon pagespeciesglaucescens Britten *  
 speciesglobulifera H. Perrier *1 
View taxon pagespeciesgrandidieri Baill. *  
View taxon pagespeciesgrandiflora A. Rich. *1
View taxon pagespecies× houghtonii D.B. Ward *  
View taxon pagespeciesintegra (Medik.) Kuntze *  
View taxon pagespecieskelleriana Schinz * 
View taxon pagespecieslaciniata (L.) DC. *  
View taxon pagespeciesluciae Raym.-Hamet *  
View taxon pagespeciesmacrantha Baker *4
View taxon pagespeciesmagnidens N.E. Br. *  
View taxon pagespeciesmarmorata Baker *1
View taxon pagespeciesmulticeps Baill. *  
View taxon pagespeciesndorensis Schweinf. *  
View taxon pagespeciesorgyalis Baker *  
View taxon pagespeciespinnata (Lam.) Pers. *  
View taxon pagespeciespumila Baker *1 
View taxon pagespeciesrogersii Raym.-Hamet *  
View taxon pagespeciesrosea Clarke *  
View taxon pagespeciesrubinea Toelken *  
View taxon pagespeciesrutshuruensis Lebrun & Toussaint * 
View taxon pagespeciesschweinfurthii Penzig *  
View taxon pagespeciessexangularis N.E. Br. *  
View taxon pagespeciessomaliensis Baker * 
View taxon pagespeciesspathulata DC. *  
View taxon pagespeciesstenosiphon Britten *  
View taxon pagespeciessynsepala Baker *  
View taxon pagespeciesthyrsiflora Harv. *  
View taxon pagespeciestrichantha Baker *  
View taxon pagespeciestuberosa H. Perrier *  
View taxon pagespeciestubiflora (Harv.) Raym.-Hamet *  
 speciesuniflora (Stapf) Raym.-Hamet *1 
View taxon pagespeciesvan-tieghemii Raym.-Hamet * 
View taxon pagespeciesverticillata Scott-Elliot *  
View taxon pagespecieswelitschii Britton *  
Sign marks taxa included in plant identification guide.
Red asterisk (*) marked taxa not present in the original source.
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