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View taxon pagespeciesabchasicus A. Braun  
View taxon pagespeciesargutifolius Viv. * 
View taxon pagespeciesatrorubens Waldst. & Kit. *  
View taxon pagespeciesbocconei Ten. *1 
View taxon pagespeciescaucasicus A. Braun 
View taxon pagespecieschinensis Maxim. *  
View taxon pagespeciescorsicus Willd. ex Mabille, nom. illeg. * 
View taxon pagespeciescyclophyllus Boiss. *  
View taxon pagespeciesdumetorum Waldst. & Kit.1 
View taxon pagespeciesfoetidus L. * 
View taxon pagespeciesguttatus A. Braun & Sauer 
View taxon pagespecieshyemalis L. * 
 specieslividus Aiton *1 
View taxon pagespeciesmultifidus Vis. *  
View taxon pagespeciesniger L.  
View taxon pagespeciesodorus Willd. *  
View taxon pagespeciesorientalis auct. p.p. 
View taxon pagespeciesorientalis Lam. * 
View taxon pagespeciesorientalis auct. p.p.  
View taxon pagespeciespolychromus Kolak., p.p. nom. illegit. 
View taxon pagespeciespolychromus Kolak., p.p. nom. illegit.  
View taxon pagespeciespurpurascens Waldst. & Kit. 
View taxon pagespeciesranunculinus Sm. 
View taxon pagespeciesthalictroides Lam. * 
View taxon pagespeciesthibetanus Franch. *  
View taxon pagespeciestrifolius L. *1 
 speciestrifolius Mill., nom. illeg. *  
View taxon pagespeciesviridis L.1 
Sign marks taxa included in plant identification guide.
Red asterisk (*) marked taxa not present in the original source.
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