Anthyllis vulneraria L.
List of subtaxa

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Russian names

Язвенник ранозаживляющий
Язвенник лекарственный
Язвенник Линнея
Язвенник обыкновенный
Locally used:
Аптечный клевер


View taxon pagevar.alpestris Kit. ex Schult.  
View taxon pagevar.biebersteiniana Taliev  
View taxon pagessp.boissieri auct. p.p.  
View taxon pagessp.boissieri auct. p.p. 
View taxon pagevar.boissieri Sagorski * 
View taxon pagessp.carpatica (Pant.) Nyman  
 var.coccinea L. *  
 ssp.danica Lampinen *  
 var.fennica (Jalas) Cullen  
 ssp.fennica Jalas  
View taxon pagessp.forondae (Sennen) Cullen *  
View taxon pagessp.hispidissima (Sagorski) Cullen, p.p. excl. basionymo  
View taxon pagessp.iberica (W. Becker) Jalas *  
View taxon pagessp.lapponica (Hyl.) Jalas  
View taxon pagessp.lapponica Hyl. * 
View taxon pagevar.lapponica Hyl.  
View taxon pagessp.linnaei Sagorski 
View taxon pagessp.maritima (Hagen) Corb. * 
 ssp.maritima (Schweigg.) Corb.  
View taxon pagessp.polyphylla (DC.) Nyman 
View taxon pagevar.polyphylla DC. * 
View taxon pagessp.praepropera (A. Kern.) Bornm. *  
View taxon pagessp.pulchella (Vis.) Bornm. *  
View taxon pagessp.pulchella auct.  
View taxon pagessp.rubriflora (DC.) Arcang. *  
View taxon pagessp.sampaioana (Rothm.) Vasc. *  
View taxon pagevar.schiwereckii DC. *  
View taxon pagessp.spruneri (Boiss.) Bornm. *  
View taxon pagessp.subscaposa Cullen  
Sign marks taxa included in plant identification guide.
Red asterisk (*) marked taxa not present in the original source.
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