Galanthus nivalis L.
List of subtaxa

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Russian names

Подснежник белоснежный
Подснежник обыкновенный
Подснежник снежный


View taxon pagessp.angustifolius (Koss) Artjush.  
View taxon pagevar.atkinsii Mallett * 
View taxon pagessp.caucasicus Baker 
View taxon pagevar.caspius Rupr. * 
View taxon pagef.corcyrensis Beck *  
View taxon pagevar.hololeuca Čelak. * 
View taxon pagessp.imperati (Bertol.) K. Richt. * 
View taxon pagevar.majus Ten. * 
View taxon pagevar.minus Ten. * 
View taxon pagef.pictus K. Malý * 
View taxon pagef.pleniflorus P.D. Sell * 
View taxon pagevar.scharlockii Casp. * 
Sign marks taxa included in plant identification guide.
Red asterisk (*) marked taxa not present in the original source.
Blue asterisk (*) marks taxa that have a different status in original source.
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