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1.genus Adenophora 29 photo(s) | Gallery of species
2.Adenophora collina Kitag.
3.Adenophora coronopifolia (Fisch. ex Schult.) Fisch.13 photo(s)
4.Adenophora crispata (Turcz. ex Kitag.) Kitag.
5.Adenophora curvidens Nakai25 photo(s)
6.Adenophora denticulata Fisch.20 photo(s)
7.Adenophora denticulata f. crispata Korsh.
8.Adenophora divaricata Franch. & Sav.12 photo(s)
9.Adenophora gmelinii (Biehler) Fisch.6 photo(s)
10.Adenophora gmelinii ssp. subjenisseensis Kurbatsky
11.Adenophora golubinzevaeana Reverd.5 photo(s)
12.Adenophora golubinzevaeana var. pilosa Reverd.5 photo(s)
13.Adenophora himalayana Feer18 photo(s)
14.Adenophora jacutica Fed.
15.Adenophora kurilensis Nakai55 photo(s)
16.Adenophora lamarckii Fisch.49 photo(s)
17.Adenophora lamarckii var. hirsuta Knjaz.
18.Adenophora liliifolia (L.) A. DC.112 photo(s)
19.Adenophora liliifolia var. lamarckii (Fisch.) Krylov49 photo(s)
20.Adenophora liliifolia ssp. taurica Sukaczev19 photo(s)
21.Adenophora marsupiiflora (Schult.) Fisch.30 photo(s)
22.Adenophora marsupiiflora var. crispata Turcz. ex Kitag.
23.Adenophora onoei Tatew. & Kitam.43 photo(s)
24.Adenophora pereskiifolia (Fisch. ex Schult.) G. Don43 photo(s)
25.Adenophora pereskiifolia var. curvidens (Nakai) Kitag.25 photo(s)
26.Adenophora pereskiifolia ssp. sublata (Kom.) Worosch.25 photo(s)
27.Adenophora polyantha auct.43 photo(s)
28.Adenophora probatovae A.E. Kozhevn.
29.Adenophora remotiflora (Siebold & Zucc.) Miq.2 photo(s)
30.Adenophora rupestris Reverd.
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