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Александр Эбель

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Выпускник (1993 г.) и сотрудник (1993-20.. гг.) Томского государственного университета.

Почитатель несравненной Флоры.

Aleksandr Ebel in the photo

В Кузнецком Алатау (вторая половина июля 2023 года).

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Created and published stuff

Photos of plants and lichens:3921
Taxa with photos:1718
Parent taxa of hybrids:144
Russian names of taxa:1539
Links to web resources:205
Red Lists:13
Floristic lists:1
Photos of landscapes and habitats:61
Geographic points:51
Sets of points and regions:2


Categories of Russian names of taxa:864
Identifications of plants and lichens:6760
Descriptions of landscape/habitat photos:16
Descriptions of specific features of taxa:17
Botanical descriptions of taxa:23
Additional informations for taxa:11
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