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Combretum molle
Комбретум бархатнолистный (...)
end of wet season — early dry season

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Татьяна Мальчинская

Region: Израиль

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"Куда ж нам плыть?". Espania, comunidad autonomia Canarias, provincia Las Palmas, municipio Pajara, la isla Fuerteventura, la penisula de Jandia, la costa oeste, la playa Cofete. 03.06.2019.

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Photos of plants and lichens:25724
Taxa with photos:2190
Russian names of taxa:1
Links to web resources:3
Image collections:2
Photos of landscapes and habitats:436
Geographic points:1


Identifications of plants and lichens:1261
Descriptions of geographic points:10
Descriptions of landscape/habitat photos:17
Descriptions of specific features of taxa:4
Additional informations for taxa:94
Features important for identification:2
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