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Isatis tinctoria
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Дмитрий Орешкин

Region: Россия, Санкт-Петербург

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Photos of plants and lichens:8453
Taxa with photos:1422
Additional synonyms:11
Parent taxa of hybrids:453
Russian names of taxa:19276
Links to web resources:10115
Red Lists:3
Floristic lists:1
Image collections:1
Photos of landscapes and habitats:1429
Geographic points:121
Sets of points and regions:5


Categories of Russian names of taxa:27652
Identifications of plants and lichens:5155
Descriptions of geographic points:1359
Descriptions of landscape/habitat photos:2887
Descriptions of specific features of taxa:353
Botanical descriptions of taxa:1926
Additional informations for taxa:1241
Features important for identification:69
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