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What to do with bad photos?

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Photos of plants and lichens

If a photo with a plant you don't know has technical defects like blurriness, "shake", distorted colors, overexposed areas, etc., but you really want to know what species of plant you photographed, then it does not need to be uploaded to Plantarium. Instead, you should post the photo on one of the photo hosting sites that does not impose restrictions on the quality of the images, and then show it for identification on the Plantarium forum (it will physically be on this photo hosting site).

For example, let's take a look at the popular photo hosting "Flickr".

  1. Upload your photo to Flickr (by clicking the "arrow in the cloud" icon on the top bar).
    It is desirable that the uploaded image is in the public domain ("Viewing privacy: Public"). Otherwise people who are not authorized on Flickr will not be able to view the full-size image.
  2. If you are not logged in to "Plantarium" then log in.
  3. Go to the "Plantarium" forum in the "Определение растений" ("Identification of plants") section.
  4. Click on the "Начать тему" ("Start topic") link.
  5. In the "Заголовок темы" ("Topic title") field, write something that you and other people understand (for example, "A yellow flower from the Caucasus" or "Found on the banks of the Kolyma").
  6. In the "Текст сообщения" ("Message") field, write where and when the photo was taken: this can help in identifying the plant.
  7. Switch to Flickr.
  8. Open the photo page with an unknown plant.
  9. Click on the "Share Photo" button below and to the right of the picture.
  10. Select "BBCode" in the opened window.
  11. Select the size of the thumbnails from the list under the link (preferably no more than 400 px wide).
  12. Select and copy the text from the field above.
  13. Switch to the Plantarium forum page and paste the copied BBCode into the Текст сообщения" ("Message text") field. It is better to erase the extra code after [/img][/url].
  14. Click on the "Отправить" ("Submit") button.
  15. If you want to receive e-mail notifications about new messages in this topic (and these will certainly be assumptions about the name of the photographed plant!), click on the "Подписаться" ("Subscribe") link:
  16. Visit the forum periodically and see what other members write about the plant you shot.
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