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семейство Convolvulaceae
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Key traits
  • To identify the plant, mark the characteristics of the specimen found.
  • To get an explanation of a trait, hover the mouse over its title and wait.
  • Hints and notes

    • Begin by identifying the most obvious plant traits.
    • Do not mark traits that you are not sure about.
    • Mark 3 or 4 traits to begin with. If there are too many species found, you can refine your search later.
    • Indicate the life form of the plant, as well as the type of leaves and leaf arrangement. These traits are very reliable and will allow you to quickly limit the group of species.
    • For a better understanding of how search works, read the article about principles of plant identifications by key traits.

    If you want to identify a species within a high rank taxon known to you:
    • find a known taxon (genus, family, etc.) using search by name;
    • go to page "Taxon details" or "List of subtaxa" of the found taxon;
    • click menu item "Identification of species" on the left pane of the taxon page.
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