Chamaenerion dodonaei (Vill.) Kostel.
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Иван-чай Додонея
Иван-чай узкий
Кипрей Додонея


видdodonaei (Vill.) Kostel.


Chamaenerion dodonaei
Chamaenerion dodonaei
Верхняя часть цветущего растения с кормящейся гусеницей. Краснодарский край, г. Сочи, Лазаревский р-н, аул Большой Кичмай, подошва горы. 19.08.2018.
© Сергей Стелтов
Chamaenerion dodonaei
Chamaenerion dodonaei
Верхушки цветущих побегов. Украина, Ивано-Франковская обл., Поляницкий региональный ландшафтный парк, "Скалы Довбуша". 02.08.2016.
© Петр Кондрат
Chamaenerion dodonaei
Chamaenerion dodonaei
Цветок. Греция, Халкидики, окр. г. Полигирос (Πολύγυρος). 10.10.2013.
© Роланд Цандекидис
Chamaenerion dodonaei
Chamaenerion dodonaei
Цветущее растение. Греция, Пиерия, окр. с. Палеос Пантелеймонас (Παλαιός Παντελεήμονας). 23.06.2013.
© Роланд Цандекидис
Chamaenerion dodonaei
Chamaenerion dodonaei
Цветок. Греция, Пиерия, окр. с. Палеос Пантелеймонас (Παλαιός Παντελεήμονας). 31.05.2013.
© Роланд Цандекидис

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Ботаническое описание

Arne Strid "Mountain Flora of Greece"

Chamaenerion dodonaei Kost. is a synonym of Epilobium dodonaei Vill. Chamaenerion dodonaei (Vill.) Schur ex Fuss is a synonym of Epilobium dodonaei Vill.

Cited by LINNAEUS from N Europe and probably based on Swedish material. Syn.: Chamaenerion angustifolium (L.) SCOP., Fl. Cam. ed. 2: 271 (1772); Chamerion angustifolium (L.) HOLUB in Folia Geobot. Phytotax. 7(1): 86 (1972). Stems 50-100(-200) cm, erect from a creeping rhizome, often forming extensive stands. Overwintering by persistent rhizome parts. Leaves alternate, 5-20 x 1-3 cm, narrowly lanceolate, acute, entire, glabrous. Inflorescence a long, manyflowered raceme; upper bracts gradually smaller; flower-buds deflexed. Flowers slightly zygomorphic. Sepals very narrowly ovate to linear, apiculate, ± dark pinkish-purple. Petals 10-13 mm, obovate, obtuse or shallowly emarginate, purplish to reddish-pink or rarely white. Stamens in young flowers turned upwards, later downwards; filaments 9-15 mm; anthers 2.5-4 mm. Style 10-20 mm, in young flowers when still unripe directed downwards, when ripe turned upwards; stigma deeply 4-lobed. Fruiting pedicels 7-20 mm. Capsule 40-100 mm, densely eglandular-hairy. Seeds 1.1-1.4 x 0.3-0.45 mm, with a dark neck c. 0.1 mm long, appearing smooth at low magnifications; chalazal hairs 8-12 mm. Open woods and meadow slopes up to 2200 m, often on roadsides. Flowering June to August.

A common species throughout the temperate and subarctic parts of North America, Europe and Asia; rare and only on mountains in S Europe. Different chromosome numbers have been reported, and a division into two subspecies has been proposed on these grounds. Subspecies angustifolium should then have 2n = 18, ssp. circumvagum MOSQUIN 2n = 36 and 54. The morphological distinctions seem rather doubtful and the Greek material has not been cytologically examined. Therefore no subdivision is proposed here. STEREA ELLAS: Dhirfis (RECHINGER 1961: 363), Giona SW Kaloskopi!, Iti!; S PINDHOS: Karava (QUEZEL & CONTANDRIOPOULOS 1965b: 68); N PINDHOS: Epano Arena!; NORTH CENTRAL: Vitsi!, Vourinos!, Olimbos!, Voulgara!, Pieria!, Voras (Pefkoton!), Near Pisodherion (QUEZEL & CONTANDRIOPOULOS 1968:26); NORTHEAST: Cholomon (VOLIOTIS 1967:87), Belles!, Pangeon!, Vrondous!, Falakron (AKEROYD & PRESTON in litt.), Rodhopi (Elatia!), Vertiscos (PAVLIDES 1982: 137), Sithonia (PAVLIDES 1976: 81).

2. E. dodonaei VILL., a species of C and S Europe, N Anatolia and W Iran, is like no. 1 but lower, with linear leaves only 2-5 mm broad, the inflorescence with fewer flowers and larger bracts. E. dodonaei occurs at low and moderate altitudes in Sterea Ellas, S Pindhos, N Pindhos and North Central, sometimes ascending along roads and tracks, rarely to c. 1900 m as on Gramos!

Источник: Mountain flora of Greece p. 648.

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Республика Армения (2011)

Республика Молдова (2015) — как Chamerion dodonaei (Vill.) Holub

Украина, Львовская область (2015)

Украина, Хмельницкая область (2012) — как Chamerion dodonaei (Vill.) Holub

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