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1.genus Ficaria 6 photo(s) | Gallery of species
2.Ficaria calthifolia Rchb.111 photo(s)
3.Ficaria edulis Grossh.13 photo(s)
4.Ficaria fascicularis K. Koch13 photo(s)
5.Ficaria ficarioides (Bory & Chaub.) Halacsy15 photo(s)
6.Ficaria glacialis Fisch.33 photo(s)
7.Ficaria grandiflora Robert
8.Ficaria kochii (Ledeb.) Iranshahr & Rech. f.13 photo(s)
9.Ficaria ledebourii Grossh. & Schischk.111 photo(s)
10.Ficaria nudicaulis A. Kern.111 photo(s)
11.Ficaria popovii A.P. Khokhr.
12.Ficaria popovii ssp. abchasica A.P. Khokhr.111 photo(s)
13.Ficaria ranunculoides Roth, nom. illeg.297 photo(s)
14.Ficaria stepporum P.A. Smirn.61 photo(s)
15.Ficaria varia Otschiauri, D. A.
16.Ficaria verna Huds.297 photo(s)
17.Ficaria verna ssp. calthifolia (Rchb.) Velen.111 photo(s)
18.Ficaria verna ssp. kochii (Ledeb.) Veldkamp13 photo(s)
19.Ficaria verna ssp. ledebourii (Grossh. & Schischk.) Soó111 photo(s)
20.Ranunculus ficaria L.297 photo(s)
21.Ranunculus ficaria ssp. calthifolius (Rchb.) Arcang.111 photo(s)
22.Ranunculus ficaria ssp. ficariiformis Rouy & Foucaud
23.Ranunculus ficaria ssp. nudicaulis (A. Kern.) Soó111 photo(s)
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